Following the JECS Trust statutes, the private Foundation is administered by a council (board of directors) of a minimum of 6 members and a maximum of 8 members. In the latter case, 4 are nominated by the European Ceramic Society (respectively its President, its Secretary, its Treasurer and the “Immediate Past-President”), one by the publisher in charge of the publication of the Journal of the European Ceramic Society and three by editing office (the Editor of Journal of ECerS and Open Ceramics).

Members of the Board of the JECS Trust:

  • M. Von Witzleben (President)                

  • J. Binner (ECerS President)

  • P. Sajgalik (ECerS Secreteriat)

  • A. Leriche (ECerS Treasurer)               

  • C. Barranguet (Elsevier)

  • R. I. Todd (JECS Senior Editor)

  • R. Freer (JECS Editor)

  • P. Colombo (Open Ceramic Chief Editor)