Guidelines for applications

We ask you to read carefully this page before submitting an application to the JECS Trust!

Main guidelines:
  • Applicants must either be a member of a non profit organisation (i.e. university, lab, etc.), an individual (i.e.  not a commercial company) and must have been either members of a ceramic society affiliated to ECerS or direct members of ECerS for at least 12 months;
  • The Trust does not accept proposals from individuals seeking support for attending conferences;
  • JECS Trust support cannot be seen as a salary, this is a supplement for travel and extra expenses linked to a stay in a foreign country,
  • For conferences, workshops, etc: the amount requested can be up to 50 % of the total sum of the project/activity
  • The arrangements for any publication arising from the activity must be approved in advance by the Journal of ECerS or Open Ceramics, which have the first option to publish such papers;
  • All amounts must be obligatory given in euro in the form.

The Board of the Trust does not wish to be unduly prescriptive and applications of any kind which fall within the rules are welcome. However, the following list of factors which are viewed favourably in ranking the proposals may be useful:
  • activities  involving  a  collaboration  between  different  European  Ceramic  Society  member  or  associate  member countries;
  • activities involving student/early stage researchers;
  • applications for an identifiable activity that can be specifically associated with JECS Trust funding;
  • the use of JECS Trust funding to achieve a benefit which would not otherwise be possible;
  • activities leading to high quality contributions to the Journal of ECerS or Open Ceramics;
  • applications from regular contributors to the Journal of ECerS or Open Ceramics;
  • significant contributions from other sources, where it is appropriate to the activity.

Once the application is accepted, please be aware of the following facts:
  • You will only receive 50 % of the allowed amount before the beginning of the project -  the other 50 % are only transferred once the reports (financial and scientific) are approved, after the end of the project.
  • Journal of ECerS Trust should be acknowledged in any papers published linked to projects sponsored by the JECS Trust.
  • If you ask for sponsor for a conference:
- Free registration must be provided for one ECerS/JECS Trust representatives
- The list of participants (with their email addresses) should be given to ECerS secreteriat
- Special prizes should be applied for ECerS members

- If a competition is organised with the support of the JECS Trust, the Award must be called "JECS Trust Award"

Applicants wishing to receive financial support from the JECS Trust should submit their bids electronically to the JECS Trust secretariat.

Decisions on awards are taken by the Board of the JECS Trust.