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Reporting - Mobility

Once your JECS Trust project is finished, and following the terms of the contract, we expect you to send us the following documents, at least 60 days after the end of the project :

  • Signed short report - download the template: this short report must not be longer than one A4 page, signature included.
  • Signed scientific report (no template): this report is a full scientific report presenting all the experiments, tests, etc. that were made during the project and giving analyses, results, etc. and a conclusion.
  • Signed expenses statement: this table should look like the annex 2 in the contract and should show the amount asked in total to the JECS Trust - see example below.
  • Proofs of travel expenses: flight invoice/booking, etc. 
  • Invoice from the host laboratory if any: it can be addressed to your laboratory or directly to the JECS Trust.


Expenses statement

Here is an example of expenses statement:

Please note that the budget allowed per category by the JECS Trust board cannot be modified.


Proofs of travel expenses

The only expenses we ask you to justify are traveling expenses (train/flight invoices, etc.). 
Accomodation and subsistence are included in the per diem of 50 € per day allowed by the JECS Trust and must not be justified - except if specified in the contract.


Travel by car

If you travelled by car, then we will ask you to send us a letter signed by the supervisor from the host lab certifying the period in which you stayed in the lab for the JECS Trust project.

Reimbursment is of 0.417 € per kilometer - no tolls or filling up are reimbursed. Number of kilometers should be proved by a map - example:

Here the distance was of 525 kilometres * 2 for the return drive * 0.417 € = 437,85 €


Invoice from the host laboratory

The invoice from the host laboratory can be addressed to the applicant, the applicant home laboratory or directly to the JECS Trust.

in this last option, here is the information for addressing the invoice:

JECS Trust
Avenue Gouverneur Cornez 4
7000 Mons
No VAT number

If any VAT is applied in the invoice, it must be included in the amount asked so that the total of the invoice cannot exceed the total allowed by the JECS trust board in the contract.

The exact wording for the invoice must be, in any of the 3 invoicing options, "Use of equipment and facilities during the stay of Name Surname, from xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx - JECS Trust contract xxxx xxx"


All documents must be first sent by email to to make sure that your file is complete before sending it by post.

Last news

Sep 1, 2023
Next Deadline to apply to the JECS Trust is 30th November 2023!

Please note that the decisions of the JECS Trust board will not be known before end of February 2024. Activities submitted for the deadline of 30th November 2023 for support from the JECS Trust should then not begin before mid-March 2024.

Jul 12, 2023
New ECerS officers for the 2023-2025 period

During the Council meeting that was held in Lyon, France, on 2nd July 2023, the ECerS officers were renewed or changed.


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